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Red Wings Cover

Red Wings Facebook Cover

Ilves mies Cover

Ilves mies Facebook Cover

Tappara Cover

Tappara Facebook Cover

Habs Fan Cover

Habs Fan Facebook Cover

Chicago Blackhawks Cover

Chicago Blackhawks Facebook Cover

2007 Stanley Cup champions Anaheim Ducks! Cover

2007 Stanley Cup champions Anaheim Ducks! Facebook Cover

Predators - Weber Cover

Predators - Weber Facebook Cover

Smashville Cover

Smashville Facebook Cover
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About Me:
Absolutely love dogs! I'm not happy with the new timeline since it hinders creativity to smaller dimensions, but wth, it gives me something to focus on :P
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HI!Hope you like all my covers.
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About Me:
An avid NASCAR and sports fan in general. While not a complete fan of Facebooks Timeline, I do love the option of the cover.

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